Kate and Eric:

There aren’t enough stars in the rating system universe for Khanh Nguyen. He deserves so many more than I can give him here. My husband and I were lucky enough to have both Khahn (and his assistant Ivan) with us at our wedding, and his patience, kindness, and calming presence were exactly what we needed. We did not give him an easy event (sudden torrential downpour + multiple locations + camera shy couple, oh my!), and he handled it like a champ, all while taking some of the most beautiful, lively, engaging photos I’ve ever seen.

Like many people, my husband and I HATE having our picture taken. Every photographer’s dream, right? But Khanh was so understanding and really made us feel like we were just hanging out having fun instead of doing some formal photo shoot. He created a truly natural atmosphere, so much so that by the end of the night, I had completely lost all awareness of the cameras entirely. That in and of itself is a major achievement.

I think people underestimate what it takes to make a really great photographer. They need to work fast enough to not interrupt the pace of the event, but slow enough to not miss a single moment. They need to have an eye for those moments- there’s a lot going on during a wedding and they need to be able to take it all in while also breaking the scene down into manageable parts. They need to be able to capture the essence of the couple, their guests, and the vibe of the event, all without having established a personal relationship with anyone! It is a very difficult, demanding job, and I can say without a doubt that Khanh has figured out the formula. Needless to say, we were so happy to have him there with us, and we are blown away by his work. And we’re not alone- all of our family and friends have also been brought to tears (and laughter) by the photos. Our wedding was the most intense, emotional, and beautiful night of our lives, and the memories will live on forever through Khanh’s breathtaking pictures.


Rebecca and Luke

I wish I could rate Khanh an even higher rating. He didn’t just meet our expectations (which were VERY high), he exceeded them. First off, we did an engagement session with him which turned out great. Me and my husband are not fans of having our pictures taken, but Khanh did a fantastic job of making us feel comfortable while managing to get loads of wonderful pictures that looked natural and not-forced. Our wedding was quaint and relaxed (only 50 people), but we had very high expectations for our photographer, because having great pictures to help bring us back to the day was our top priority. Khanh perfectly photographed our wedding, every second of it. There are HUNDREDS of photos that we love from the occasion, not just a few solid ones with the rest being mediocre (which seems to be common amongst many wedding photographers these days). He was more than accomodating the entire process. He was professional, and very good at getting things back to us in a timely manner. The prints were delivered to us beautifully, and our wedding album is so insanely legit, well-made, and pretty. You can just tell that Khanh cares deeply about his work with every single thing he does. He is so obviously meticulous, and he truly has an artistic eye. My family and friends absolutely adored our photos almost as much as we do, as Khanh made sure to get lots of photos of EVERYONE. He was essentially like paparazzi (everyone pointed it out, but not in a weird way. his energy was very calm and professional so it never once felt awkward), capturing EVERYTHING and seemed to be everywhere at once! I will never ever regret spending the money on him, his prices are way more than fair and deserved. If you value having quality photos of your wedding day and a reliable photographer, DO NOT LOOK ELSEWHERE, Khanh is the way to go.


Sherin and Jason :

I would give Khanh a higher rating if I could. We used him for our engagement session and the wedding and it’s been so great to have him as our photographer. From the first moment we met with him, he’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Khanh has an amazing skill to capture the best moments possible and we can see that from the photos he took for us. There was something really specific I was looking for when I was trying to find a wedding photographer and he had it. He doesn’t take regular “everyone looking pretty” pictures. I wanted the silly faces and the “not so normal” and he was the only one I found that did that. Even though they weren’t normal pictures, he still found a way to make them look beautiful. He made us feel so comfortable and at ease while working with him. My husband and I are so happy we chose Khanh as our photographer and would definitely recommend him!


Anca and Andrea

This review is much overdue as our wedding occured a few months ago, but finally getting around to reviewing Khanh (which I should’ve done a while back since he’s just the BEST and everyone should take advantage of his services!!!! Where do I begin? I absolutely loved working with Khanh! He is an incredible photographer, with such a creative eye, and does an amazing job. Not only is he super flexible and open to ideas and suggestions, but when you work with him, he has a super calming effect and just puts you at ease. My entire family and bridal party loved working with him. We barely knew he was there taking pictures during the entire prep and wedding and the entire experience felt so natural and not intrusive. The pictures were incredible, so beautifully done and capturing the essence of our special day, with all the natural emotions and feelings coming through in the photographs. Outstanding job, could not recommend him highly enough. We worked quite extensively with Khanh – he did our engagement session, civil ceremony, religious ceremony at my parents’ and the following day, the full wedding celebration. He was always professional, on time, willing to jump in and help with anything, exchanging jokes here and there with everyone, and made us feel sooo comfortable throughout the entire process. And the best part?! He’s very affordable and can work with you based on your budget. I’d highly recommend him for any upcoming weddings (in fact, I recommended him to several friends) and I’d definitely use him again for family functions / pictures. Absolute best!!!!!