Here are some of the general questions I often get asked .

“What’s your style?”

Throughout our coverage of the wedding day, we let everything unfolds as it happens and capture it in an unobtrusive way. We focus on the moments that make your special day memorable from the moment of the first look to the emotional hugs with your parents. Our shooting style is almost 100% photojournalism and we won’t stop you from enjoying and spending time with your family and friends. Although, we strongly suggest you to give us thirty minutes to one hour to create beautiful and creative portraits that you will love.

“Why should we hire you?”

Because we are passionate about telling your story with our photographs. We absolutely love weddings and understand how important our job is as a photographer to document the most important day of your life. We want you to relive your wedding day every time you look through the album as a husband and wife and also with your children and grandchildren in the future.

“What is your back story?”

In 2009, I started photography as a hobby for fun and I never thought I would get serious in this expensive hobby. One day, my friend asked me to shoot his wedding and I gladly accepted. After my first wedding, I began to grow more interest in photographing couples and their relationships. From there, my work has grown tremendously and my couples are the motivation for me to become better.

“Do you travel for destination wedding?

Yes, we would love to travel to a destination wedding. Due to the distance of our location, we would love to chat with you via Skype or Google Hangout. We will send you a custom quote based on the information that we need from you.

“What is your back-up plan?”

In the unfortunate event or tragedy that we are unable to shoot your wedding. We have a network of experienced wedding photographers that we can call in case of emergency.

“Do you edit the photos after selection?”

After the selection process (culling) of good photos for the delivery. We look through and edit each photo one by one. Edited images includes color correction, cropping, exposure. Additional retouching on skin blemishes and precise color tweaking are available when you order print through us. All images that goes on the album will get additional review and editing to ensure the highest quality of our studio standard.

“Do you shoot film or digital?”

We shoot 100% digital.

“Do you shoot details and family formals?

Yes, absolutely. Before the wedding day, we will finalize with you the family formal list as well as any important details that you would like us to capture. We strongly believe that family formals are very important photos for you and your family.

“When will we see our photos? And how many?”

Your photos will be processed one by one and it usually take up 4 – 6 weeks to completed. You will receive a link to a password-protected gallery to view and share them with your family and friends. Each events are different, depending on the duration of the coverage, we usually delivers between 600 – 800 photos for an 8 hours wedding.

“What is the album process?”

You will have the choice of selecting your wedding photos within 3 months of your wedding or letting us choose it for you. Photos that made it to the album will get an additional retouching to perfection. Our design process will take up to 2-3 weeks for the first preview and you will have 3 reviews to make any changes to the album. Upon the approval of the final wedding album design, the album will be ready for pick up within 6 to 8 weeks.

Please click on this link here to see more of our albums.

“Who will be photographing our wedding?”

Khanh Nguyen will be the sole primary photographer of your wedding day. We also offer packages with an associated photographer to give you more angles of coverage and is a must have for wedding that is over 150 guests.

“How do we book?”

To reserve your wedding date, we required a non-refundable retainer and a signed contract. The final amount will be due 2 weeks before the wedding day. Please keep us updated if you have any changes or questions about your wedding event timeline and locations. One month prior to the wedding, we will send you a list of questionnaire that will help us prepare for your wedding day better.

“If my package includes the high-resolution images, why should I buy prints from you?”

We can’t stress enough how important a print photo over a digital images on your computer and phones. There is always something special about holding a print in your hands than viewing them on your computers. Our screen is calibrated with the professional lab to ensure you will receive a beautiful color print on professional grade paper.

Engagement and Bridal photo enlargements are required to order through photographer to ensure the highest quality of each photos .

“How do we schedule an engagement/bridal portrait session with you?”

Due to our schedule with weddings on the weekends, we have very limited dates on weekends for portraits. The best time to schedule a session is from Monday to Friday and we start the session 2 hours before sunset.

“What sort of equipment do you bring to a wedding?”

Since your wedding only happens once, therefore we bring multiple camera bodies and lenses as back up as well as the second photographer.

Here is a list of our equipment: 2 Nikon D750 camera bodies, a variety of Nikon lenses 35mm, 17-35mm wide angle, 70-200mm,85mm , many Flashes, and wireless triggers.

“How many weddings do you photograph a year?”

We usually photograph up to 25 weddings a year to ensure the quality of our work and attentive time with each couple.